If you ever have any Iowa used bulk bag needs I would highly suggest you check out Midwestern Bag & Supply. Being from the Midwest I prefer to work with vendors in this region but ultimately I will work with whoever gives me the best service and the best price. I’ve found that Midwestern Bag & Supply is the best in both categories. They are a great company to work with and one of my favorite vendors of all time. Any time I need a quote they send me a reply in a very timely manner and their customer service reps are very pleasant. I think I’ve been able to save 10% over my previous supplier so far this year.

The other week I needed an Iowa new bulk bag and had my dad call in for a quote. He spoke with a very pleasant woman from Midwestern who had to listen to him recap his recent vacation. He and my mom drove out to the western states for a couple of weeks and so he had to tell her about the Grand Canyon, the rodeo they saw in Montana and the forest fire smoke that blocked their view of the Grand Tetons. I bet he talked to her for 20 minutes just about his vacation and she could have been really rude to him but instead listened patiently tell his story. I also needed a quote for FIBC but didn’t want my dad to take up any more of the woman’s time.

 Like I said Midwestern Bag & Supply is one of my favorite vendors, mainly because of their customer service.

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