I’d like to discuss achieving goals quit smoking.This goal is not an easy accomplishment,because of the addiction of nicotine and the withdrawal symptoms and psychological pain that it can cause.Obviously,the first step is motivation,it’s also good to have a plan and some physiological and psychological assistants. Your plan can be quit simple. Like avoiding stress that can cause you to reach for a cigarette.When I quit,I was twenty one years old,and I was actively involved in sports and other forms of exercise.
 The very weird aspect about my plan,was that I tryed to lie to myself everyday during the first month of withdrawal. I said to myself everyday,that I hadn’t really quit,and I can light-up any time I feel the urge.This psychological ploy worked for me,because It relieved the stress associated with the feeling that I was boxed in,and absolutely couldn’t smoke.For my discussion of achieving goals quit smoking,I probably would not advise that as a plan for everyone,but I thought I’d share reality with you for this achieving goals essay,on my actual success.Be sure to enlist the help of family and friends,use affirmations and other reminders.
 Stay away from associational positioning of people,things,or objects which cause you to reach for a cigarette,alcohol for example.Keep your mind occupied.Reach for gum in lieu of a cigarette.There are prescription drugs that can be taken to replace the nicotine,for example Ziban. I’m not a huge fan of substituting one drug for another.There are herbal remedies,psychiatrists,hypnotists,and psychologists.Nothing is as powerfull as willpower and control. But we know that the power of a addictive drug can trump our willpower, and cause us to outline a personal strategic plan.The good thing is that no matter how hard it is,it can be done,because millions of people have done it.

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