Affiliate marketing is simply taking a product or service from the internet and making someone else know it by posting a link for him or her. When the person gets this new link in his mail inbox, he or she will click the link which will take him to the site where the products are made available. Anytime someone follows your link to the main page where the products are you earn some bonus on your account. More so, if they sign up to these websites, you not only get a monthly commission, but a long time commission as long as the company still exists.  Affiliate marketing can be learned through the internet by use of a program called Affiliate Marketing for Dummies which is available in several websites. Alternatively, this knowledge can be got from books which are available in the market. Books such as Well marketing All in One for Dummies by John Arnold, Web Marketing for dummies by Jan Zimmerman and other books can be purchased at These books are very informative.

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