If you ever sit back and take a breath you see that everyone is running frantically to try and get everything done in one day. Their stressed and snappy because their is no end in site for the work that needs to be done. Create balance in your own life by first controling your finances, which will give you more time to sit and enjoy your family and do activities with them rather than wonder where the money is suppose to come from to pay the credit card bill you know is coming in the mail. You can’t be 70% work, 30% family and expect that your family will turn out the way you’d hoped. There has to be balnce and the KEY is not to control time but control your energy. If your exhausted at the end of everyday then you are most definatly not controlling your  energy. Time will always stay the same. There will always be the same numer of hours in a day, days in week, weeks in a month, and months in a year. Remeber that life is never perfect for anyone and that perfection is a moving target. Take the time even just one evening a week for a few hours to turn off all the technology; cell phone, ipads, tv, anything that has an on/off switch and have some good old fashioned fun. Laugh with your family, play a game, go for a walk along a quiet trail, take a nap. It will suprise you how much it will help rejuvenate your energy and ability to enjoy life if you do this once a week.

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