Chris wanted to look for a box of floor tape, so he asked where would be the best place to look for it, and I replied the town. He was not very keen to visit the town to look for industrial supplies because he knew how busy the area could be at times. I told him there was no other place that with an abundance of shops with various types of 5s supplies. Chris did not want to waste any time, so he went to town to look at some items. Later that day, he called to let me know that he could not find any 5s store. He was upset and disappointed, so I suggested that he try the Internet. It would save him time and money as well as effort. He gave it a try and he came across a large number online 5s stores. He was very happy because he found what he wanted. The next day, he told me that he needed more Pipe Markers, so he bought markers from one of the stores he found online. He was so glad that the stores have pipe markers, floor tapes, chemical resistant labels, and many more. There was no need for her to buy different items from different stores. As soon as he confirmed the items that he wanted, he made the payment and he was told that the orders would arrive in two days, which was rather short. He was happy that it was done and over with.

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