Melaleuca has been in the forefront of network marketing industry as a manufacturer, and distributor of their personal care, home, and health products. Their only weakness is the use of old school marketing methodology which they believe to be the most effective strategy. If you are thinking of joining Melaleuca and want to succeed in this business opportunity, there are steps you have to follow to ensure success in your marketing campaign. 1. Know your Melaleuca products. A Melaleuca professional should be able to add value to the customers. Know the history of the company back in the 1920s when the Melaleuca oil was discovered to have cosmetic properties as well as antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal benefits. If you are targeting people who are in-demand for safe household products, your local newspaper could be your best marketing tool because they constantly have reports of infants and toddler’s accidental poisoning. 2. Demonstrate your expertise online by outlining the product benefits. One of the best ways to do this is to use the products yourself and have your own personal testimonial. Thousands of people are always looking on the safe and alternative products. The cornerstone of your is by positioning yourself as a leader.

3. Concentrate on the products instead of the business opportunity, unless they are ready.

While these simple steps can be a great way to succeed in your Melaleuca business, you have to advance your marketing skills. Seek the advice of a professional marketing trainer to help you with your efforts. Since you only have one chance at the first contact of your prospect, make sure that they see a qualified Melaleuca distributor. Visit today.

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