I grew up in a farming town in Pennsylvania. Since I was a small boy, my family lived with farming. Mom and Dad depended on farming to put food on the table, to send us to school and for everything else we needed. The thing is, we were using traditional methods of growing. We needed a very big field for our crops. That also meant that the crops were at the mercy of the elements. That made me look at what was beyond the walls of the traditional method of planting. I ordered a starter kit from The Hydroponics Group. My goal was not to transform the way my family grew crops but to experiment on Hydroponics, a non-traditional method of growing plants. It was crazy. Plant grew in a cabinet without dirt and sunlight. The rate they were growing was a lot faster than how it would grow traditionally. With success on my first attempt, I decided to expand the cabinet. I made a room and fitted the necessary plumbing and ventilation to accommodate the newly germinated plants from the grow box. The room is more like a greenhouse which served as a science experiment for me at the same time. Just like how it was with the grow box, yield from the greenhouse was excellent. The produce was healthier and better compared to the same crops that were grown traditionally. With a very big field, I still think we can slowly adapt Hydroponics for our farm. To learn about the grow box and Hydroponics, check out www.hydroponicsgroup.com

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