We have a new organization in our town and it is composed of small to medium-sized business owners. I am not actually a member of the organization. It is just that my sister, who has a catering service, cannot make it to the meeting and she asked me to attend the meeting in her place. She said that it is imperative that somebody goes there because there will be some speakers who will talk about some aspects of small businesses. I think it was a good idea because when I was there I found out that there will be somebody who will tackle some financial concerns affecting the business owners. There was somebody who spoke about find a factoring company in case the business would suffer from cash shortage. It was very enlightening because I was not familiar with that. I knew about bank loans and the likes but I did not have an inkling about factoring. We were informed about the advantages of getting one in case of urgent situations and he even shared the website http://www.findafactoringcompany.com/ and said that it might be of help to us. I think the others were also interested in it because there were many who posed some questions during the open forum. I also found out there were also some business owners who were able to make use of that before and they were all praises about it. After the meeting I met with my sister and I gave her all the pertinent information that I took note of including that particular information.

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