When you are looking for Five Star Painting contractors you need to make sure you are hiring a quality painter.  There are many painters out there to choose from, but it may be that many of them have a reputation for poor quality.  There are some things you can do to make sure you are hiring a top-quality painting contractor. Considering the following recommendations will help you avoid getting a low-quality painter.


First, you need to find out low long the painting contractor has been working locally.  If they have been around for quite a few years then most likely that is a good indication of quality.  Painters, who move from town to town, over a short number of years, are usually trying to run from their history of poor paint jobs and poor reputations. 


Another thing to look for is a sample of some of their prior work.  Ask the contractor to show you their portfolio.  Or, ask them for the names of a few past clients whom you could call and ask about how satisfied they were.  This will help you get a good idea about the quality of their work.


Ask about how the painters on the crew are paid.  If they are paid hourly, then the chances go up that the quality of their work will not be stellar.  Those who are paid by the hour tend to not do that good of a job.  But, if they get a percentage of the project then they have more of a vested interest and they will more likely do a better job.


You will also want to evaluate their communication.  Quality Five Star Painting contractors value good and effective communication.  Make sure they are answering all of your questions and that they understand what you are communicating to them.


Make sure your contractor has a final walk through with you, after the painting is finished to make sure you are completely satisfied.  This should happen before the final payment is complete.  This will ensure that you get the quality of paint job that you desire.  You will be able to tell the contractor about concerns you have, or point out things that don’t look right. 


A quality painter will give you an exact estimate before they begin their project.  This way you don’t have to worry about the cost going up after the painting is complete. 


It is important to find a Five Star Painting contractor that places a priority on quality.  Hiring painters who are focused on quality will ensure that your paint project turns out exactly like you envisioned.  


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