Finding an apartment in New York City is a full-time job in and of itself. However, one thing that I have learned from the forum is that most landlords will usually need to view your last 2 most recent bank statements and pay-stubs as a portion of your rental application. You’ll have to make 40X the monthly rent to qualify as a renter. Your combined income must be the rent that is 40X, in case you have a roommate. Normally the guarantor is a parent or member of the family. Your credit will be assessed as a part of the rental application procedure. If there are late payments or other problems on your own credit report, be prepared to explain them during the rental application. The landlord would want to run their own credit check on you, so it is unnecessary to get your own copy of your credit check, unless you feel there may be errors on it which you have to correct before starting your apartment hunt.

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