There are various and assorted water pumps that can be used to carry out a huge number of tasks. The nature of those tasks will decide what the best features will be for the equipment. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available that will help everyone get the product they need. Professionals who specialize in selling the units are often the best source of information about pumps because they get a lot of feedback from customers about how well the pumps work.

The range of water pumps can go from small ones for landscaping to giant diesel pumps for de-watering after a flood. Small electric pumps can be used for helping water flow and filtering it in a fish pond. Other pumps can also be used in a water feature like this for a fountain or waterfall. Both of these types will need a hardwired connection to the electrical line and a controller that is away from the water. Ones that are designed to be used under water need to have features that will protect it from exposure, like corrosion resistant coatings. Some pumps are specially designed to be used while submerged and are perfect for pumping drinking water from a well.

There are some interesting uses for these water pumps that use alternative energy supplies. Connecting a solar panel to a well means there is no need to extend an electrical supply to a remote pump. It can simply run any time the sun is out to fill a trough. This is a great solution for those who want to graze livestock in an area with poor access to water. This is also a good alternative at home especially when combined with a controller, battery pack and float switch. This will let the pump fill a local reservoir and refill it when it gets low using batteries charged from the sun.

In some special situations, contractors may have to use big water pumps after a flood. There are large machines with their own motors that run on petrol or diesel that can effectively move thousands of gallons of water an hour. A similar pump that can be very useful is used for fire fighting. It is portable and can use a swimming pool or pond to help control a fire.

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