Let’s look at make real money online– ad revenue, and affiliate marketing was the only way for a webite to earn money in the Web 1.0 environment,that is if you had no product for sale on your website. Affiliate marketing was that initial  vehicle by which the website owner was able to earn an ad revenue.You know how that has exploded with the introduction of software sales and eproducts companies like Clickbank and Commission Junction.
Indeed the initial success then led to the introduction of many online affiliate driven businesses that became well established companies. Basically,affiliate marketing is based on a specific commission percentage assigned by the affiliate driven companies or websites.However,affiliates can earn money by acquiring leads or signing an inquirer up for a newsletter or other significant relevant company membership. Affiliate marketing is one of preeminent “ad revenue” ways to  make real money online.
Obviously, you utilize affiliate marketing to increase revenue to your online business,as well as to add significant credibility by your relevant referrals.Banner ads are one of web 2.0 favorites for producing ad revenue.These are fairly easy to add to your wordpress website.You basically go to “appearance”then “widgets.You install the “Arbitrary Text or HTML” widget to your sidebar area,after which you can use the pull down to add the HTML banner code into the widget’s text box.
This is easy enough,but don’t over-do it, as the significance of website appearance can dominant all other factors related to your site.Next,text linking is obviously directly related to the affiliate marketing piece to which we alluded above.You use your blog and the strategic placement of hypertext to direct inquirers to affiliate products,that are inherently related to your blog content.
Further for ways to make money online without scams,this niche product relationship is essential,and this relationship not only fits in with search engine expectations,but also more importantly with your customers’ expectations.Last for make real money online- Ad Revenue, Google Adsense is a prevalent Web2.0 mechanism from which you can make money online. Most of you how these work.
After you have signed-up to an Adsense account,Google will match you up with advertisers, more specifically ,directly related to your product line, generally to your niche product line.The click through revenue is shared with Google Adwords,and this is shared on a cost per click basis.
If an inquirer clicks through to the advertisers website,and purchases a product, only you get the prior agreed-upon commission. The Adsense ads are called “text” ads and these are a very effective way to supplement website revenue.Basically,you add the Adsense ad like the banner ad on your site’s sidebar.
Remember the significance of having a simple not overcrowded site.Let’s conclude our make real money online– ad revenue,with these words from Peter Drucker:”The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

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