Gear manufacturing is the most complicated of all the processes of Cutting metals. The demand for the productivity of equipments used gear manufacturing has been necessitated by the high demand for machines that change the world like vehicles. There are several challenges experienced in gear manufacturing, especially by treatment metallurgists, machining and gear cutting supervisors and for engineers due to the need to maintain high standards required for a gear.

Due to their ability to transmit power and motion, gears are the critical components of any machine and special attention should be given in the manufacturing process so as to match the desired requirements. Gears can be manufactured using such manufacturing processes as forging, extrusion, blanking and casting. Machining is utilized to meet the final surface finish, shape and dimension for the gears. During the last two decades, gear manufacturing processes gears have a metamorphosis and the solutions available are corrective than preventive hence there is a growing need for both hard gear and soft gear process dynamic. All these are aimed at reducing the number of machines and machine operations to be passed by a gear before reaching the last tooth form quality and dimensional specifications. 

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