Wow, it has taken us a long time to get our house ready for sale. We started talking to real estate agents four months ago, but I did not want to put our house on the market in the Salt Lake City MLS until we were really ready to have potential buyers come through. I believe that first impressions really matter and I wanted our home to really stand out. We have repainted inside and outside, and also really upgraded all the landscaping. Our kitchen was entirely reconfigured with new appliances and a vibrant new design for the backsplash. New hardwood flooring and updated lighting also made a really big difference. Our real estate agent thinks we will get all of the money back that we put into the updates. I will really miss this house, but am looking forward to moving to our new retirement community. Our future is looking bright once someone purchases our home now that they can finally see it on the Salt Lake City MLS.

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