Failure and success are two things that can either make or break a person. Unfortunately most people dwell on the people brought about by failure and other trials in life. They get tied up with the pains brought about by these scenarios which can affect their future in ways that they do not notice. If you are one of those who want to make a change and have an abundant future it is important to understand and look for ways to cope up with these challenges as they are meant to pull people down.Every person has a happy and sad memory as a child. Most children look up to their parents or the people who raised them as authority. This can sometimes be challenging especially if there are too much expectations to fulfill. As hard as it may seem it is vital to outgrow these hurts in order to be successful in life. In the book entitled The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy it has been said that most children look at their parents’ discipline as an example. Children idolize their parents especially their fathers which is why most kids want their parents to be proud of them. On the other hand this admiration can also lead to fear of failure. As Darren Hardy looks back to one of his dad’s advises he reckons that despite these fears it is important to learn to say no. Most people fear rejection which is why they fail to try and as they fail to try they fail to succeed in many things in life.

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