The concept of labeling was initially introduced as a means to print stickers and labels that would carry product information and company name along with manufacturing details. There could be a few product specific details but that was all that there was to it to the entire applicability of labels. The printing of labels has since been upgraded and the applicability has moved on to industrial as well as commercial applications. The simple tag printed using an industrial label maker now contains important equipment information whereas tags on a commercial product or item are now directed towards brand popularization and in establishing a product stature in a freely competitive market. Tags however need to be printed in a lot of applications nowadays with the major applications being industry and brand marketing. However, tags being small and crafty do not require the use of a big label maker. The usability of tags in small applications implies that there is no use of a big label maker to print out large sized tags. However, the need of tagging equipment has its own set of importance. The concept of tagging is now a mixture of the age old technique of labeling for product verification along with brand popularization. While companies emphasize on using tags as a means to popularize their product, the basic idea of tagging is not lost and industrial label makers keep that in mind while using it to print labels for specific equipment. In case of shipping, tags are an essential means for verification of a product and help in serving as proof of originality of the item.

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