The response of 18-Hydroxycorticosterone and aldosterone on patients with 18 Hydroxycorticosterone producing tumor was examined with patients with aldosterone producing adenoma (APA), also with low rennin essential hypertension (LREH) and normal subjects. Plasma 18-Hydroxycorticosterone and aldosterone levels and 18-Hydroxycorticosterone, aldosterone ratio were high in patients with an APA and normal in patients with LREH. In patients with a 18 Hydroxycorticosterone producing tumor, plasma 18-Hydroxycorticosterone and aldosterone levels were high and normal respectively, resulting in a two-fold greater 18-Hydroxycorticosterone to aldosterone ratio than in patients with an APA. Moreover, patients with an APA had blunt responses of plasma 18-Hydroxycorticosterone and adlosteron to all responses of these corticoids with LREH.

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