Mosquito Control is the act of reducing the number of the blood thirsty creatures called mosquitoes. This is due to the dangerous diseases they cause to mankind such as dengue fever, malaria, etc. Hence, there are several methods of mosquito control that have been suggested by many authorized people to resolve the problem.  Yet, the problem is still a problem until this time. Many are still victims of the deadly bite of these little monsters.

Meanwhile, many countries are affected of mosquito presence. Thus, their presence will not be distilled as long as we people did not recognize the secret weapon to deteriorate their population. So what is this secret weapon? This is simply keeping our environment unwelcomed to the little vampires of our time by keeping it clean. Bear in mind that this is the best deadly weapon for them. Remember that no pest can live in a clean surrounding. Take it or leave it. Control mosquito population or mosquito will control ours.

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