Uncle Bob is my favorite person on earth. He was like my father in so many ways. Since I lost my dad when I was but a baby, I grew up thinking that Uncle Bob was really my father. Of course when I grew older, I realized that he was not my dad, but my dad’s brother. Nevertheless, I look up to him like my real father. He shaped and molded me to become who I am today. Uncle Bob used to work in Tamworth staffordshire. He stayed there during weekdays and would only come home on weekends. I remember looking forward to weekends because Uncle Bob and I would bond so much. We would either go swimming or biking or fishing. It did not matter much what we would do as long as we were together. Uncle Bob and I were so close that I would always cry when he was about to leave for work again. I would miss him so much that I planned to get a job tamworth when I get older. Luckily, Uncle Bob moved to our home permanently when I was in high school. I learned later on that he was sent home because he was ill. He did not tell me. No one told me because they knew I was not going to take it lightly. But as the days went by, Uncle Bob would be rushed to the hospital every so often. I was worried about him so I asked my mom what was wrong. That was the only time she told me. Uncle Bob had cancer and doctors have told him that he has only about six months to live. Now I am devastated.

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