There are numerous strategies out there to help you increase your bottom line.  The goal behind practicing strategies to increase sales is to utilize your creativity in a way that generates you more profits.  How do we do this?  By practicing the right skills and applying the proper wisdom gained from successful entrepreneurs before you.  One strategy that has been proven to consistently increase sales overtime is the customer relations process.  Ask yourself if your doing everything you possibly can for a customer.  Are you proactively answering all of their questions?  Do you truly make them feel valued?  If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions than most likely your customers will return to you in the near future.  A happy returning customer is worth a lot more than a one time paying customer, thats for sure.  The other strategy to help you increase sales overtime is utilizing technology to your advantage.  I don’t need to mention that by incorporating different elements such as the Internet or a Website you increase your market from just locally to globally.  The opportunities are endless when you have a larger market and how you engage your customers can determine the profits you gain. 

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