Everyone envisions the perfect home they will like to live in. Some want a small, cottage-style home where everything is within a hand’s reach. Some prefer mansions with lots of rooms and plenty of space to roam about. The list can go on and on but unfortunately, not everyone can get what they desire in a home since most homes are designed and built to the builder’s taste and architectural style. This is where custom built home plans come in for those who truly desire a home of their choice. With custom built homes, homebuyers can choose all the options to suit their budget, taste and lifestyle. They can opt for a sunroom, choose a gourmet kitchen or have a living room built right next to their bedroom. Homebuyers who choose custom built home plans are not limited to the cookie cutter plans that most builders offer. A custom built home is tailored to ones preference and differentiates ones home from their neighbors.  Many builders have generic custom built home plans they present to buyers as a starting point. From those plans, the buyer can further make major or minor changes as they like. This can be very helpful for people who know what they want but don’t know where to start from.  Alternatively, those who know exactly what they want can work with an architect from scratch to design their dream homes. Below are some additional benefits of custom built homes.  1. The buyer can choose to pay extra for a larger square footage of land so they have ample land around their house that can be used to build a pool, tennis court or anything the land will accommodate.  2. The home is designed and built exactly how the buyer wants it. Buyers can ask for larger bedrooms and if they want a room to face a certain direction, they can have that choice.  3. Buyers have the ability to choose the type of materials they want to use in building their homes.  4. With custom built home plans, a homebuyer’s individual needs are catered for. For example, a person with a disability will be able to choose layouts that offer easy accessibility to everything in the home. 

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