Plastic bags are one of those items that we never put much thought into. For businesses though, plastic bags could be considered an important tool in helping to attract customers to their company and it’s products. This is true across several industries including retail, food and grocery, medical, and even manufacturing. Those polyethylene sacks can convey a lot more than you think!

For a retail business, the plastic bag that they use is a form of advertisement. Think about a trip to your local mall or shopping center. Each store has it’s own particular type of bag that is given to a customer when they purchase a product. Those bags usually have the name and/or logo of the company on them. If you see enough people carrying a particular company’s bag around, you might be enticed to pop on in yourself and see what has attracted so many other people.

For food and grocery stores, plastic bags have another dimension to offer. Envision the frozen food aisle at your local food store. Many frozen foods are packaged in plastic bags, and for good reason. The plastic helps to protect the food from frost, plus it keeps air out of the package so that the food remains fresh until you are ready to cook it. These bags are sometimes quite colorful with pictures of the fruits, vegetables, or some other food that is inside. The packaging is supposed to make you want to buy the product.

In the medical field, plastic bags are used to keep items sterile. They are also used to house medicines (I.V. bags). Different colors are used to indicate precautions. For example, red plastic bags often indicate a bio-hazard while yellow may warn you to to take caution.

In manufacturing, reams of shrinkable plastic often take the place of plastic bags. Polyethylene shrink wrap can be used on large pallets of products to secure the items placed on them. The shrink wrap can be made to fit whatever size package you need, making it a bit more versatile than plastic bags. This makes sense in manufacturing where orders can come in all different shapes and sizes.

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