Every item purchased whether electronic or otherwise has a way of being verified. For most electronics the use of identity numbers is the best way of verifying the identity of the electronic gadget. This applies for electronic such as mobile phones and large machines such as automobiles. When you purchase a cellular phone or a car it will have a unique number embedded on it. This number is important to the phone or car mainly for two reasons. These can be the answer to what does my identity number mean as far as the authenticity of my appliance is concerned. The first important thing that is portrayed by the number about the phone or car is the authenticity of the gadget. The identification number of any appliance cannot be forged since it is inscribed on a designated place by the manufacturer. For cellular phones the identification number will be inscribed just below the battery while that of a car will be inscribed on the engine. Phones or cars that lack identity numbers are deemed counterfeit. Sometimes dealers of counterfeit items may get round the system and introduce their own counterfeit products with these numbers. In such a case the appearance of the number will be used to verify the number’s authenticity. On whatdoesmy.co.uk you can get a detail report on the importance of looking for the identity or serial number of any item that you purchase. The number will also indicate that the item you own was purchased from an authentic and approved dealer of the item purchased. Purchasing authentic items from authentic dealers is important if you want to enjoy all the services and features that your item has to offer.

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