It is not easy to classify water tanks. This is because there are so many different types and kinds of tanks available out there that it now seems to be a very complicated task.

Generally, water tanks have been classified on a lot of scales. For instance:

–          Water tanks are classified on the basis of location where they are installed or placed. This includes indoor, outdoor and underground water tanks.

–          Another classification is based on the type of material with which tanks are made. For instance, poly water tanks, nylex tanks, bushmans tank and many others.

–          Perhaps the most famous classification is based on the size of the tanks. It could either be large, medium or small.

–          These are also classified with respect to capacity.

So you see there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to classification of water tanks. And let me tell you that all the categories are very flexible. That means, you can put a poly water tank either in outdoor category or indoor. So there are no restrictions as to how one should categorize them.

When it comes to uses of water tanks, the list is potentially very large.

–          Of course the most important use of water tanks is water storage. You can store rainwater or any other kind of water in your tank.

–          Water tanks are extensively used in agriculture and farming. Irrigation is usually done with the help of water tanks.

–          Almost all the factories and production plants have water tanks installed with them.

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