When I had my depression last year I gained almost a hundred pounds. Yes, that is true and it was a result of binge eating to the extent of exhaustion. I eat myself out till I drop. Although some depressed dudes cry themselves to sleep, but I was totally different because I eat myself to sleep, literally. My mom would sometimes catch me sleeping with a whole hot dog in my mouth. That was how bad it was, but it all changed when I discovered an important talent that I have made some recommended Visalus Shake Recipes. Although Visalus fired me initially for my laziness; as a company of second chances, they hired me back because they know I like putting things in my mouth. That is where they asked me to formulate recipes for their shakes. Getting hired was one of the best things that happened to me, because not only did I got out of depression, but also I becamse active, healthy and fit again.

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