Kitting services are designed to boost your bottom line and enhance your retail supply chain management. The advantages include saving on fulfillment fees and posting costs. Plus you expedite the weighing and labeling of your products when a customer places an order through your fulfillment outsourcing company.

Utilizing kitting services is a useful way to package items that are frequently bought together, such as computer peripherals or software with a computer purchase, or other accessories. But consumer demand is also growing for custom packs such as multi-packs, club packs, promotion kits and other product kits. These kits are growing in popularity as more consumers shop at warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s Club, because shoppers appreciate both the cost savings that comes from bulk buying and the handy portioning of multipacks.

But your kitted items offer another advantage: they can catch a consumer’s eye with innovative, well-signed and attractive packaging. Plus, good combinations of products can incite a shopper’s interest. For example, a bonus memory stick packaged with your software bundle. Kitting services offer a whole new way of marketing your products, cross-selling products, and up-selling products, at the same time offering convenience to your customers.

With a multipack assembled by a kitting service, a consumer can try a trial of a new product, as well as the product they’re already interested in. A multipack also helps retain brand loyalty, because it takes much longer to use. And with increased usage, you help sustain the habit of using your product. But most importantly, you help drive consumer focus and interest with a multipack or bonus pack, because it stands out strongly against the smaller packaging on the shelf at the point of sale. What better way to boost your bottom line?

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