Conserving energy is a major concern for many industries. For example hospitals, food industries and major businesses utilize and rely on machinery that will operate as well as cut cost when it comes to energy. Such machinery is known as an air compressor. There are many types of compressors, but the most common and most used is the rotary screw compressor. A very well know area where one can find such a compressor is at a large construction company that utilizes many air powered tools. One very common object found at such work sites is the rotary screw compressor. This works off of two rotors that turn in the same direction, at the same time, to provide pressure in the air. This type of compressor is widely known and used for its durability. When taken care of correctly, the compressor may last for decades.

A very well known German based company that manufactures such compressors is known as Boge Air. This company has been a leader in the industry for 100 years. That is, 100 years of German quality, knowledge and engineering. With an international presence in over 80 countries, Boge Air is still a family run business, where quality and customer service still rank number one for the company. Known as a medium sized company, Boge Air employs over 500 qualified employees to oversee the manufacturing and distribution of such compressors.

To learn more about the German based company, visit their website, There, you will find a plethora of valuable information on the product, its history and contact information in case you are looking for a compressor for your use. Consult with one of the leading companies in the industry for a tailor-made system uniquely designed to fit your specifications.

When choosing such important machinery for your company, it is best to keep in mind the quality, durability and engineering that goes into it to make it the leading company in its industry. Boge Air strives on an everyday basis to meet the demands of its customers, as well as the ever changing technology. By continually implementing new ideas, Boge is able to sustain its reputation as one of the leaders in its industry.

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