Many creditors (financial institutions, businesses, etc.) who want to recover delinquent debts call for the services of a debt collection agency (such as joseph ortiz epstein delta group, for example). 

The professional practices used by collection agents (including those at joseph ortiz epstein delta group) can be extremely persuasive. However, FDCPA (the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) strongly prohibits any form of harassment against the debtors.

One of the most frequently encountered violations of this act includes asking for more money than the debtor actually owes. Also, the FDCPA forbids repeated calls and emails (more than three times per week) and calling before 8 AM, after 9 PM or on Sunday.

Moreover, debt collection agents cannot threaten to do things they are not entitled to do. They cannot send you to jail (there is no such thing as a “debtor’s prison) and they most definitely cannot take your personal assets without a court order.  Also, using violence (or threatening to use it) is a strong violation of the federal law and it can be harshly sanctioned.

Professional collection agencies (e.g. joseph ortiz epstein delta group) know that lack of politeness and not respecting the FDCPA can lead to nothing good. Debtors are less likely to respond to violence and threatening than to politeness and an open attitude towards negotiation. Also, they can file a complaint regarding collection abuses, which can actually lead to serious consequences. Therefore, good collection agents will never use unethical tactics to recover money from the debtors.

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