It’s fast approaching open enrollment, and you may have a lot of questions on how to go about signing up for the best Medicare Healthcare coverage. This is understandable because the Medicare guidelines changes annually and understanding this complexity is not something that the average consumer can grasp easily. However, with all the changes and complexity, one group that has made coverage easy to understand and have the Arizona market covered is AARP by offering the aarp medicare plans phoenix az.

AARP medicare plans phoenix az covers a large area including Cochise, Graham, Maricopa, Pima and host of other areas. Their Medicare Complete Plus plan is offered through United Healthcare of Arizona and offers Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. If you are not familiar with United Healthcare, they are a well-known and respected company that knows and understands the laws governing Medicare, and follows all local and federal mandates.

The aarp medicare plans phoenix az is an HMO plan, and like any HMO plan it comes with some restrictions. The main thrust of these restrictions is you have to use in-network providers and facilities. This should not create a problem for you because of the vast network of providers in-network. In fact, your current provider could be a participating provider already with the aarp medicare plans phoenix az network, so you would not even have to switch. With that said, there is an upside to having an HMO plan because your in-network doctors office visit are relatively less than other plans on the market, and the same can be said for urgent care services and other services as well.

Medicare open enrollment starts in October and goes to December, and during the open enrollment period you have the option to continue your plan or change to another plan. Therefore, think about your current healthcare coverage and ask yourself is your current coverage sufficient. You may have had prescriptions changes or have new medical problems and your needs have change, so factor these changes into your decision.

After you have reviewed your current situation, consider contacting an aarp medicare plan phoenix arizona insurance agent for more information.

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