Being a fashion designer is really not that hard, all your really need is a creative and artistic mind, a good fashion sense and of course, you need to have a passion for designing and creating fashionable clothes. Take a look at this video and join Olive Page, a fashion designer from Wilmington—-as she talks about what it takes and what you need to go through before becoming a fashion designer.

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6 thoughts on “How to Become a Fashion Designer

  1. If you love fashion and dream up entire clothing lines in your sleep, you can achieve your dream of becoming a fashion designer by working hard, honing your skills, and getting a good education. But, perhaps most importantly, you'll need to have faith and a strong inner drive, even when things aren't going well.

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  3. As a fashion designer, you will live on the cutting edge of style. This can be challenging, but if you have the desire and the drive, it can also be fulfilling. Translating your love of fashion design into a career will depend on your talent and, perhaps even more, on your determination to succeed.

  4. The good thing about fashion designing is that you do not need a license to get identified as a fashion designer. So anyone can be a fashion designer if she or he wishes to be, except that they would need a formal training in fashion designing before they become fashion designers.

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